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WalkInCoolerHouston and U.S. Cooler recognizes the need for quick delivery and custom designs for restaurant applications. With a wealth of experience in providing cold storage to single restaurants, restaurant chains, and other commercial food service applications, WalkInCoolerHouston and  U.S. Cooler knows what is important to restaurant owners and operators.

WalkInCoolerHouston andU.S. Cooler offers cooler/freezer combinations, indoor or outdoor boxes, and angled units to utilize the space of your restaurant. Our walk-ins provide years of reliable efficient service and are built to thrive in even the highest traffic commercial kitchens. Internal and external ramps are available to provide easy access for rolling carts. Shelving kits and strip curtains are also available upon request. All walk-in units and components are National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) certified..


We offer custom designed angled cold vaults, beer caves, glass doors, display shelving and more to perfectly fit your floor plan. Unlike other manufacturers we don't charge extra for customization. WalkInCoolerHouston and U.S. Cooler has extensive experience designing and producing custom walk-ins for virtually any application. There are a few companies that also provide a completely assembled unit that is delivered on a truck and dropped off at your location. These are usually for outside the building installations. Refrigeration systems are also usually provided in several types of configurations along with the walk-ins. These systems will be explained later.


Since the implementation of the new Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, which was implemented January 1, 2009, there are two particular insulation materials being used in walk-in Coolers and Freezers. These are Extruded Polystyrene and Foamed-In-Place Polyurethane insulations. Each insulation is constructed of gas filled cellular plastic foam and each brings with it different benefits to the customer. 1. Extruded Polystyrene - This insulation is used also in insulating underground concrete foundations and floors. It has a high initial R-value (R-32) and has a great moisture resistance and ability to retain around 47% of its R-value (or R-15) over the life of the product. It has great structural strength of up to 4 times that of polyurethane and expanded polystyrene. If overall performance is considered, extruded polystyrene is the ideal insulation for walk-in coolers and walk-in freezers. 2. Polyurethane - Polyurethane is among many other things used as packaging foam and in the construction of walk through outside residential and commercial doors. It has a high initial R-value (R-32) but is less capable of moisture resistance and R-value retention. It can only retain around 19% of its initial R-value (or R-6) over the life of the product. It is a good insulation for manufacturing products that include intricate parts that need to be bonded together. Polyurethane has been successfully used in the manufacturing process of walk-in coolers and freezers for many years.

About WalkInCoolerHouston.com Houston 281-990-2456

About WalkInCoolerHouston.com Houston Texas 281-990-2456

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